Bitcoin exchange rate: as the market price fell below USD 10 000. #Bitcoin

Coinmarketcap has provided interesting data that proved that Bitcoin is on the decline. On the morning Moscow time the price of Bitcoin fell by -5,1% and is trading at a price of 9 628 USD. The prices of most altcoins are down. In this example, the price of Ethereum, which fell by -8,1%, now it is trading at 171 USD. One of the most stable cryptocurrencies is the Ripple that rose to 4.9% and is trading at a price 0,254 USD.


Since 6th September, 2019 on the platform Bakkt (cryptocurrency platform from the Corporation Intercontinental Exchange) will start trading futures on Bitcoin. As of this date will be open access contribution of deposits. The launch of the platform and futures trading will take place on 23 September 2019.


We remind you that the opening of the exchange will take place through legal means. In fact, the Commission on urgent exchange trade of the United States gave legal consent to the opening of the platform after Bakkt passed-certification. Further, the company received the license of the trust from management of financial services of the state of new York, that will preserve the capital of clients in Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin will exceed the insurance amount of more than USD 125 million.


The proposed futures company to open lucrative opportunities for each client. The contract gives permission to bid, depending on the change of the current exchange rate of Bitcoin to the U.S. dollar. Customers will receive the necessary payments in the cryptocurrency. Remember that famous Chicago Mercantile exchange allows its customers to only fiaty equivalent earned bitcoins.


A couple of months ago the Chicago Mercantile exchange have provided striking data that provided information about the record amounts of speculation bitcoin futures. This suggests that the popularity of Bitcoin starts to grow rapidly. Even if to compare with August 2019, the demand for Bitcoin grew by 34% . At the moment, the average daily volume of futures trading for Bitcoin is more than 370 million USD.