Bitcoin: why the first currency is the most used in the world. #Bitcoin

Bitcoin is about 70% of the market value, however, if we consider the use of digital currency by the volume of daily and monthly trading, the leader of the Tether. Beginning in April 2019, the trading volume of the Tether is growing every day, having turnover of about 21 billion USD per day. In may 2018, were recorded when the turnover of the Tether turned out to be about 31 billion USD per day.


What Tether hinders active actions of captainvalor. We remind you that the monthly usage Tether is 18% more than the turnover of Bitcoin is the leading coin in cryptococcal. Investors are concerned that due to the Tether are the main manipulation of the market.


Bonus Tether that he is a token based on Fantom instrument, which is considered relatively stable. We can say that the Tether is a conductor, between Fiat instruments and blockchain assets.


Of course, I use Tether have significant disadvantages. Due to the fact that the structure of the Protocol is unstable and has a point of failure - it just increases the risks for users. Also, please note that the USDT system is not transparent, there are no special provisions, verification and audit.


In kryptomere Tether is an alternative to Bank accounts. At this stage, cryptoamnesia can't capture the funds on the clients ' names. This is because banks believe that collaboration with cryptoidentity will lead to the legalization of criminal actions on the part of the scammers and promote money laundering.


Thaddeus of Draya, who is a scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of technology, said - “I don't think people trust Tether: I think people use Tether without knowing it, thinking that they have somewhere there is real money to Bank account”. And this is the truth.


The bottom line is that Tether is the handiwork of a private company from Hong Kong, which is the owner of cryptogenic Bitfinex. Most users are not aware that their funds is fixed at a physical Bank account, despite the lack of the necessary audit and fixed (or at least reasonable) mechanisms of increase and decrease of supply. While Bitcoin is not anyone's property.