The technology sector dominates: on jump in shares of Apple Inc. #AAPL

Trade negotiations between the US and China it was expected for a long time, but when they happened, nothing has changed. However, during the discussion of most price indexes went up - it's the only thing you can only say “thank you” talks. On Friday the index showed positive growth, rising to a value of 2-3%. Some experts believe that such market movements would not last long, so you need to be vigilant.


Despite the fact that market movements are positive, investors have begun to invest in the most interesting and potentially profitable assets such as shares of semiconductor and microchip companies. Thus, the shares of Apple Inc has updated the historical maximum, up +2.66%, helped Apple to once again become the forefront in most expensive companies in the world. While the capitalization of Microsoft showed an increase of +0,42%.


If you calculate the total capitalization of the stock over the last week, would amount to about 420 million USD. Indicators of the St. Petersburg stock exchange say that at the auction were about 291 thousand transactions in shares 937 issuers.


If we consider the behavior of Russian investors, one can understand that the demand is for budget shares with high volatility, often the value of shares does not exceed 10 USD. Tactics of the Russian investors - acutely speculative segment.


Last week a large demand for a small company Chesapeake Energy, which is engaged in oil production, the number of weekly transactions reached about 20 thousand, though the stock price does not exceed $ 2. The same example can be the shares of the company biotech company Mallinckrodt, the number of transactions last week - 19 thousand. And oil company, Southwestern Energy was able to properlybut 12 thousands of transactions.