Another conflict between the US and China

American legislatures, namely the House of representatives of the United States, went to the counter, introducing changes to the legislation on the special trade status of China. Of course, from the Hong Kong government should expect a reaction, said foreign Ministry spokesman China Geng Shuang.


The authorities have prepared a special document, which calls for U.S. Secretary of state. The essence of the document that it is necessary to evaluate not whether China is a status of Hong Kong to bypass the us sanctions. Conflicts between leaders threaten to crash the world economy, but what is it and who benefits is not yet clear.


In the House of representatives, the US suspected that Beijing interferes in their Affairs. Therefore adopt two resolutions, which restrict the issuance of licenses for the export of some military goods Hong Kong authorities. Geng Shuang commented on the policy of the party of America - “China will take effective countermeasures in response to safeguard the sovereignty, security and development”. Hong Kong believes that innovations will cause damage not only to the Chinese government and the economic relations between China and the United States, and for America in General.

Supposedly on November 18, Chile will host the summit of Asia-Pacific economic cooperation, there will be a meeting of the American leader Donald trump and Chinese President XI Jinping. Tomorrow will be taken radical action to introduce a resolution that for the first part of trade deals between the US and China.


Remember that the last meeting of diplomats was held in Washington, the eleventh of October. After that, trump said that the United States has made China the fulfillment of the conditions of the bargain, however, no formal documents were signed. This Monday, 14 October 2019, Geng Shuang confirmed that indeed the parties overcame differences, but China wants to conduct a further round of negotiations for a formal decision.