In the trade and economic conflict with China losing ground

Index PMI in industrial sector of China losing ground, dropping to 49.3, analysts are concerned that the index is not able to break the mark of 50 points. Evidence suggests that indicators of business activity in China are on the decline and Bode well.


If we take the figures PMI index in the services sector, it shows good data with more than fifty, however, in October growth slowed from 53.7 to 52.8, while the experts expected a decline to 53.6 points. Deterioration due to the strong opposition of the United States in the economic sector.


Economists of the USA was initially concerned about the PMI indicators in all spheres. But after the Ministry of Commerce of the United States has provided GDP, the country's economic growth strengthened in the third quarter showing growth of 1.9% yoy. From January to March 2019 the US economy grew 3.1 percent in the second quarter of 2019 2%.


Jerome Powell, who is the head of the Federal reserve system expressed about the good arrangement of the Affairs of the country. At a press conference at the two-day meeting of the leadership of the regulator, the situation in the financial market has changed considerably. But recently, after the statements of Jerome Powell, a decrease of 25 basis points, to 1.5-1.75% progress was not expected.

Specialists of the Central Bank of the United States properly spoken and said that the country's economic growth is moderate, and the labour market is still one of the strongest in the world, however, the experts considered that it was a hint of a pause in economic development. After what everyone had expected easing, which will lead to the weakening of inflation. Then Powell said that the United States is not protected from the risks of global disinflation.


The American broad market index S&P 500 reached its historical peak at 3,048 points, which resulted in a rapid surge to reach new highs. Despite the instability and risk appetites of speculators has increased - it is nothing but positive developments for the stock markets of advanced economies in the world (this also applies to the Russian stock market, which also captures historical highs).


Everyone thought that the conflict between Beijing and Washington in the matter of betting is complete, however. Donald trump has repeatedly stated that the first part of the deal would be signed at the APEC summit in Chile, if Beijing did not cancel.

A couple of days ago it was clear that the US puts pressure on China in the political-economic sphere - it became clear after Michael Pompeo (Secretary of state) criticized the Communist party of China before the eyes of the public. He called the ruling party of PRC “one-party rule of Leninism”, focusing on the fact that every resident of China has to act only on the will of the party and not according to their notions.


Further, Pompeo said - “It's not the future that I want. It's not the future that others want democracy. And it's not the future that the people of China.”