Revenue of Apple Inc. #AAPL

Many companies are beginning to summarize the results of 2019, today we will tell about the profitability of Apple. If you take the total revenue of Apple Inc. in 2019 amounted to about 260 billion USD, while net profit amounted to 55,26 billion USD. When compared with 2018 (the yield was 265,6 billion USD), the sales of the company declined, the blame for that - the decline in demand for iPhone.


After the 12-month reporting period that were completed before the start of the new company presentation September 28, 2019, the sales of iPhone, the company earned order 142,38 billion USD, at the time, in 2018, the income reached 164,89 billion USD. Demand falls only on phones, other products of the company have the same demand as before.


The demand for computers increased, so for 2019 brought order 25,74 billion USD in revenue, at the time, in 2018, the revenue amounted to 25.2 billion USD. But the demand for tablets has increased more significantly, up from 18.38 billion USD to 21,28 billion USD in the current year. Other products of the company, such as wireless speakers and headphones also got a greater demand, the rates in 2018 increased from 17.38 billion USD to of 24.48 billion USD.


The largest share of the profits amounted to earnings of payment systems Apple Pay, income from sales in the App Store and other services. If in 2018 the revenues were of 39.75 billion USD in 2019, the indicators have reached 46.29 billion USD - which is not surprising.


The countries of North and South America are the largest market for Apple products, bringing the company 116,91 billion USD, at the time, as the indicators in 2018 barely reached 112 billion USD. The yield in Europe has decreased from 62.4 billion USD to 60.29 billion USD, however, is not critical. At the same time, sales dropped significantly in China: if in 2018 the income was 51,94 billion USD in 2019, barely reached 43,68 billion USD, most likely this is a conflict between two leading powers.


When compared with the 2018 year, net profit of Apple Inc. decreased from 59,53 billion USD to 55.26 billion USD.