A network of grocery supermarkets from Amazon.com, Inc. #AMZN

Company Amazon.com, Inc. rapidly developing and is not going to stop initiated. Next year the company plans to launch a new brand, which will not be part of a network of Whole Foods Market. The name of the new supermarket chain is not known yet, however, the official pointed out that unlike Amazon Go shopping in the new supermarkets will be cash.


After Amazon bought the Whole Foods in 2017, the total capitalization amounted to 13.7 billion USD, at the time, as the total capitalization of grocery market in USA is estimated at 900 billion USD. A huge disadvantage is that in the ideology of Whole Foods there is a clear Directive for the sale of only healthy food such requirements limit the demand of a good share of Americans.


Amazon representatives say that they want to give customers everything that they could wish for. The main competitor of Walmart, takes about 25% of all spending on groceries in the US, and all because sells such products as Pepsi and Cheetos, which buyers can not find at Whole Foods.


The launch of the new supermarket from Amazon is planned in California, in the County of Los Angeles Woodland-hills, however, the exact opening date has not been established. There is a possibility that in 2020, the public will see several outlets, it was said in March 2019. Because of the data breach became known that the company is negotiating the purchase of properties in Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia.


The company is interested in maximum comfort for the client, that is why, in the new grocery store will be a separate section for fresh produce and a special system of home delivery. Also, the representatives said that the prices of goods in the new network will be much lower than at Whole Foods. It is understood that no official announcement Amazon didn't do and how it will actually - is unclear.


All we know is that the approximate area of the stores will be about 35 thousand square feet at a time, as the average area of the supermarket in the US is 60 thousand square feet. Also, the new Amazon stores will sell goods for beauty and health.