In the Treasury of Poland returned 100 tons of gold

Today the national Central Bank of Poland announced the termination of the operation for removal of 100 tons of gold from England. Remember that gold bullion was sent out of the country even after the Second World war.


The operation involved several thousand people, who are employees of Bank security services. The operation was conducted from the beginning of November. Ingots were delivered by aircraft from London, which prismless to pivot the airports in Poznan and Warsaw.


Further distribution of gold, little is known. Sources pointed to the fact that the bars were stacked in blue bulletproof trucks, which are under military guard taken in store throughout Poland. The average cargo value is about 4.2 billion euros. It is also known that part of the Bank of England left himself to compensation from the current calculations.


History tells us that in 1939 the Polish gold was in the territory of England through Lebanon, France, Turkey, Romania and Syria. Indicators of 2019, the gold reserves of Poland is 228.6 tons.


Such motion from the side of the Republic suggest that the coming world crisis. As time goes on, the more heated the interest in gold exchange-traded funds and other big players, but some analysts indicate that the price of gold could fall by at least 10 percent if the US and China will not come to a common consensus on trade. Remember that the last time gold demand rose in 2009.


Interesting is the fact that the government of Venezuela has decided to follow in the footsteps of Poland and the return of their gold bullion, the price of which is equal to 1.2 billion US dollars, however, the Central Bank of England gave a waiver. In 2018, the Central Banks of different countries bought 651,5 tons of gold, which was a record since 1971, after the U.S. government announced a “gold default”.