New historical maximum stabilisation of the Euro Stoxx 600

Today, 13:15 in the afternoon in Moscow the price for the Euro Stoxx 600 made 416,46, at the time, as this morning the price broke the historical maximum and reached 416,60. Given the fact that international investors took advantage of lower prices in pounds sterling, which took a break due to the active growth in the Wake of General elections in the country, the price of the FTSE 100 has risen by 2.0%.

Stock index of the European Union is watching the growth and reached record levels due to the fact that investors began to invest in British shares. And with the truce between the US and China, shares in mining companies was backed by a bargain for Beijing, which indicates the recovery of the economy.


The price of the DAX increased by only 0.6%, as China told the German about the consequences in case of exclusion of Huawei from the construction of communication networks 5G. Despite the fact that part of the index of business activity was inconsistent, obvious signs of improvement after falling to the lowest levels in a decade, it wasn't noticeable.


Manufacturing activity Markit Eurozone IHS was reduced from up to 46,9 45,9, as the indicators of the Paris and Berlin did not justify their expectations. Composite indices of business activity in Europe in positive territory not moved and remained at the level of 50.6 due to the active services.


Specialist of IHSMarkit Chris Williamson said that “the Sharp decline in production in Germany increased the likelihood that the country's economy in the fourth quarter will drop slightly, but France has shown more consistent results, thereby supporting the growth of the Eurozone.”


Dario Perkins, who is head of global macro strategy TS Lombard, makes the emphasis on the fact that Germany is increasing its exports due to new orders, however, the talk about a new stage of the economy remains forecasts on the lips experts.


Analyzing the UK economy, analysts pointed out that since the beginning of December, the indicators of business activity were reduced in the service sector and in manufacturing. After the British elections, became clear the mood of investors the most stable in the world stock of England.


Despite the positive forecasts, shares of the Swedish company Electrolux electrical goods fell by 12%, as the company has stated that the transition to the new facilities in the US will cost much higher than was previously expected.


A similar situation occurred with the British company Cineworld, whose shares fell 7.8%, the Company announced the buyout of Canada's largest cinema operator of the Cineplex, the price of which amounted to 2.1 billion USD, given the fact that funded debt will increase the debt burden of the company.