Yandex will tell about the solvency of the Russians

The Russian company Yandex announced the release of a new analytical product to assess the creditworthiness of the Russians. The new system has gone on the market and it is testing several Russian banks, however, the press service of Yandex, said that an analytical analysis is not affected by the loan.


At the moment, Yandex is working with “OKB” and “Equifax”, which are the major credit bureaus. Cooperation is mutually beneficial, as Yandex is anonymous statistical data users, and organizations have information on credit load of Russians. The scheme of analysis is simple: the identity of the client identificireba email and phone number, then data is encrypted and transferred to the processing by the aggregator.


A new analytical tool from Yandex evaluates the creditworthiness of customers, it is added to scoring points, then the final result goes directly to the Bank. Employees of Yandex say that all data is confidential and is only in closed loop the company, and the data processing is carried out by automatic algorithms.


In a press-service of Yandex say - “the results of the analysis, the partner receives only one number - the result of the evaluation. This result is not a guide to action and does not affect the rating issued by our partners in the framework of credit scoring. He is only Advisory in nature and is transmitted for use only for marketing purposes”.


It is worth noting that in the analysis of the aggregator uses the order of thousands of factors. What exactly is meant by “factors” the developers of silent, after all, Yandex is an e-wallet, browser, email, an aggregator of taxi service on job search and many other services.


“Predictive models have become an integral part of the business from different sectors: retail, logistics, Finance and others. Such solutions are offered by most Internet companies. They help to optimize marketing campaigns, reduce churn, improve the system and recommendations to reduce the risks of adopting a variety of solutions,” said Yandex.


The General Director of National rating Agency Aleksey Bogomolov declared that on the basis of new intelligence, which works with aggregated and depersonalized data, the scoring point increases the ability of banks to evaluate potential borrowers.