As payment systems earn during the Christmas holidays

The last quarter of the year the most profitable, both for business and for financial institutions to ensure that sales of services. Pre-Christmas sale, promotions, black Friday and cyber Monday only stimulate demand at the consumer. Vyacheslav Maksimenko, who is an investment expert, pointed out that after the new year holidays gifts we have given, the house is decorated, refrigerator filled, and after midnight it's time for warm gatherings, travel and entertainment payment system and its partners seek to create incentives for the population to actively parted with the money.


Often, in Yanvarev entertainment speed increases 1.5–2 times. After consulting company PwC has conducted the study, it became known that the volume of the market of entertainment and media in Russia for the whole of 2019 will be about 20 billion USD in virtually any virtually any exceed 1.3 trillion. Nikolai Sokolov, who is the Director for work with clients “BKS the Prime Minister” indicated that all payment systems are trying to hit the jackpot through commissions in the entertainment market. The average Commission percentage is set at 1.5 virtually any per transaction, but the discounts are paid by the partners (shops or banks), and the consumer thus has nothing to lose.


Nikolai Sokolov argues that “restaurants, on the contrary, after the New year experiencing a shortage of customers. December events behind, someone prefers at the weekend to go out of town or to go visiting, preparing meals at home. So in January, maybe a slight decrease in payments in restaurants”.


Maxim Shapirovsky, who is the head of the group, Deloitte Digital, points out that the boom in transactions in the field of entertainment and recreation was primarily due to the popularity of domestic and foreign tourism during the new year holidays. According to him, many Russians will extend the celebrations, which end on January 8, vacation until the 12th number. In the first month of the year will increase the frequency of using services, the average check will be lower than in other months.


But Peter Pushkarev, who is chief analyst GK TeleTrade, says, that “payment systems also want to be associated with a festive mood the whole next year, so the main commercial impact of such proposals — postponed”.


Pushkarev explains that for a long time the most memorable of the campaign was provided by banks, but is now involved in the fight and the payment system. This happened due to the increase in market competition due to national players — the map "World" and her generous discounts, he said.