Should we expect growth of stock prices Amazon.com, Inc. #AMZN

In this article we have prepared several events that need to happen in the near future: rising stock prices Amazon.com, Inc., GDP for the first quarter reporting of the companies listed in the Dow as well as what will happen with interest rates the Bank of England.


1. What will happen with the price of Amazon shares.


The first month of the year is coming to an end, and this means that the reporting season is gaining momentum, it is not surprising that one of the companies FAANG will publish their results.Analysts predict that the leading retailer of Amazon will report a profit of USD 4.05 per share on sales of nearly 86 billion USD.


A couple of days ago testers performance Benchmark provided new data in which the target on Amazon has risen to 300 2 USD 2 USD 100, while retaining a buy recommendation.


Analyst Daniel P writes, “we expect another record profit in the holiday quarter, which can stimulate growth stocks the impressive one-day shipment of the goods. Indeed, over the past three months the stock has risen slightly more than 5%, lagging behind the S&P”.


2. Statements of companies listed on the Dow.


Today it was announced that tomorrow in the reporting season will be another member of the Dow list — Visa. Analysts suggest that the Visa will make a profit of USD 1.46 per share on revenue of about 6 billion USD. Verizon also is part of Dow. Analysts expect reports will show an estimate of the profit per share of 1.14 USD on revenue of about 35 billion USD. Another member of the blue-chip index, Coca-Cola will report earnings before market open. Analysts expect a profit of 44 cents a share on revenue of about 8.9 billion USD.


3. GDP for the 4th quarter.


At the moment, data on gross domestic product (GDP) of the United States in the fourth quarter yet, however, the market will get them at 8:30 Eastern time. Economists predict that the annual GDP growth of around 2.1%. At the same time will be published weekly data on the number of applications for unemployment benefits, which is forecast to rise marginally.


4. The interest rate of the Bank of England.


Today's fed statement was a foregone conclusion. In the case of the Bank of England, on the contrary, there is great uncertainty. Since it is unknown what decision will be made at 07:00 GMT. It is expected that interest rates will remain at 0.75%, according to analysts. But derivatives markets are estimated at about 50% probability of a cut to 0.5 percent, according to the FT. If rates are to remain unchanged, this would leave the door open for further easing at the end of the year, said today the Bank of America.