Friday's trading closed with the fall of the European stock markets. #DAX

At the end of trading Friday it became known that the European stock markets fell by 4-5%, continuing a correction that began on Thursday. To this day the basis of the problems is the spread of Chinese coronavirus and the consequences that were inflicted on the global economy.


At the moment the total number infected with the coronavirus worldwide is 86 986 people, on average, per day infected about 1,500 people. The bulk of the cases is in China, the number is 78,824 thousand confirmed cases outside mainland China, the number infected increased to 4,441 thousand


Earlier Tedros of Ghebreyesus, who is the head of the world health organization said that the situation with COVID-19 reached its peak. The number of new cases of infection with coronavirus in the world already exceeds the number of new cases in China, in addition, a growing number of countries where the first recorded cases of infection. On Monday, the who published data which indicated that the coronavirus recorded in 46 countries.


European markets closed with the following indices: the German DAX fell by 5.05%, France's CAC 40 to 4.54%, British FTSE 100 - 4,42%. The Spanish indicator, the IBEX 35 and the Italian FTSE MIB fell by 4.37% and 3.75%, respectively.


National Institute of statistics Insee published data, which say that in the fourth quarter of 2019, the French economy declined by 0.1% compared with the previous three months. These figures indicate that this is the first contraction since the second quarter of 2016.


The Federal employment Agency of Germany has announced that the number of unemployed in Germany this month fell by 10 thousand to 2.26 million people. At the end of the tenth month in a row, unemployment remained at a record low around 5%.


In addition, a composite index of the largest enterprises of the region Stoxx Europe 600 by 12:31 GMT fell by 4.54% to 371,78 points. At the end of trading on Thursday, the indicator dropped to 3.75% and has entered a phase of correction: its value fell by 10.2 percent from the record high in 433,90 of the item made at the close of trading on 19 February 2020. For the current week, the index lost more than 12%, which is the most significant decline since 2008, when for the week ended 10 October, it fell by 21%.