American stock indices again show growth. #INDU

Governor Andrew Cuomo has officially stated that the number of new patients with coronavirus new York begins to significantly decline. He claims that on Friday in hospitals in the state received 1 thousand 95 persons, Saturday - 574, on Sunday 358. Just at the moment it is known about 16 thousand 837 hospitalized, from them 4 thousand 504 people are in intensive care.


We remind you that new York is the core of the epidemic of coronavirus in the United States, as it marked the highest by the number of cases and deaths. The US President Donald trump on Sunday expressed hope that the US will be able to overcome the spread COVID-19 in the country soon and not reach the previously projected 100 thousand deaths.


The US economy is experiencing a period of significant economic downturn in the context of a pandemic, which is not yet reflected in the statistics, said the former Chairman of the Federal reserve system (fed) Janet Yellen in an interview with CNBC. Yellen says that if the statistics were shown the actual figures, the US unemployment would be at around 13% while GDP decreased by about 30%.


Statistics which was made public on April 3 indicated that the reduction in the number of jobs in the American economy occurred for the first time in 11 years. The number of jobs in the U.S. in March decreased by 710 thousand people, the unemployment rate rose to a maximum of more than 2.5 years to 4.4% from 3.5% in February.


The Dow Jones Industrial Average by the close of trading on Monday rose to 1627,46 paragraph (7,73%) to 22679,99 points. Standard & Poor's 500 index 175,03 points (of 7.03%), making 2663,68 points. The value of the Nasdaq Composite increased by 540,15 paragraph (7,33%) to 7913,24 points.


In addition, the increased shares of companies in the tourism sector, seriously affected on the background of the pandemic coronavirus, the price of the cruise operator Carnival Corp (LON:CCL). soared by 20.3%, Hilton Worldwide Holdings (SPB: HLT) Inc. - 14.1%.


In addition, jumps in the stock price of American airlines. Shares Of JetBlue Airways Corp. rose by 3.3%, Alaska Air Group Inc. - 8%, American Airlines (NASDAQ:AAL) Group Inc. - 1.2%, United Airlines Holdings Inc. - almost 5%. Stock quotes Boeing Co (NYSE:BA). soared by 19.5%, being the leaders of growth among the companies included in the Dow Jones. Shares Of Raytheon Technologies Corp. and American Express Co (NYSE:AXP)., also included in the calculation of the index, jumped respectively by 15.3% and 14%.