The shares of companies of technological sector of the USA show an increase. #INDU

Monday 13 July, us stock markets showed significant growth. The value of the shares of the technological sector companies included in the NASDAQ Composite reached its maximum performance. The situation with the epidemic COVID-19 in the United States leaves much to be desired, as the number of infected is growing at an exponential line.


The overall situation looks at the stock markets in the following way:

  • The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose to 26, 279 points (+ 1,42%);
  • The NASDAQ Composite rose to 10,745 points (+ 1,2%);
  • S&P 500 rose to 3,208 points (+0,69%).


Special attention should be paid to the company's stock, Elon musk of Tesla, who once again showed an increase of 11.3% over one trading day. Now the company has received significant demand from investors, as if the figures will continue to grow, Tesla will be part of the technology companies in the S&P 500. Not surprising, because the experts in the S&P 500 quarterly rebalance, the index, and one of the conditions of the entrance is the profitability for four quarters.


The growth of Tesla stock from mid June and until today has risen to 83%, the amazing thing is that his main income the company receives from the options market. No less interesting is the fact that the Mask had to lower the cost of a new electric car Model Y by 6%, which came on the market 3 months ago.


Continue to grow and other companies. For example, the value of securities of Maxim Integrated Products rose to a record 13.4%. The reason for the growth is the news about the merger of the company with the ADI. According to preliminary estimates of experts, the merger will result in an approximate capitalization of 70 billion USD.


The leader of the fall was United Airlines, where the value of the securities fell by 5.0%. At the same time, shares of American Airlines fell by 2.9%. The reason for the fall is the news about a new wave COVID-19 all over the world. As for the USA, in private research at Johns Hopkins University have published data that showed that the number of people infected with coronavirus in the past few days has increased to sixty thousand.


Despite the negative news, the us stock market received support from Goldman Sachs, whose purpose - to stimulate company before the profit reporting season. It should be noted that the accounts for July will go down in history exactly the same as for June 2020.