The company's technology sector in the United States show an increase. #MSFT

From 20 to 24 July will continue to get reports of the American companies in the technology sector. Today we can expect a report from manufacturers such as:

  • Philip Morris International Inc - manufacturer of tobacco products;
  • Coca-Cola Company - the manufacturer of well-known drinks;
  • Novartis AG ADR - international pharmaceutical manufacturer;
  • United Airlines Holdings Inc, the carrier of the USA;
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation - company military-industrial sector;
  • UBS Group AG is the largest financial holding company in Switzerland.


Also, today expect reports and from the giants of the oil industry, which must show that in the US, increasing stockpiles of black gold.


This Monday most of the stocks of companies in the technology sector S&P 500 show growth, but compared with the Dow Jones, indices fall significantly. The stocks of such corporations as Google, Google, Tesla Inc, Microsoft, Amazon.com Inc and others.


It should be noted that for the year 2020 has increased the value of securities in healthcare, technology, consumer goods and communication services. Shares S&P 500 now account for about 20% of the total market capitalization. Surprisingly, the quotes of the indexes return the same figures as before the pandemic, not looking that the us market fell by 0.19%.


The second factor affecting the U.S. economy, positive news on the development of a vaccine against the coronavirus Biotech company. This was reported in the AstraZeneca and Pfizer. After which Pfizer rose 1%, and Biotech - 5%. On the background of positive news on 4% fell shares of AstraZeneca, not looking at what is in Oxford confirmed the positive indicators in the development of vaccines against coronavirus.

The leader of growth was the company Synairgen, whose shares rose by 590%, on the background that developed the drug reduces the most dangerous symptoms of the coronavirus. The second company that developed the drug from the coronavirus was Gilead Science, whose shares subsequently rose 0.7 percent. The rest of the biotech company's direction began to show a decline, became the leader of Moderna Inc, whose quotations fell by 12.37%


At the moment, the number of infected by the coronavirus in the United States amounted to 3.5 million, the number of victims - 144 thousand Such figures lead to a new restriction, pending the closing of cities and other public places.