Introduction to the history of trading

We have heard many times stories about successful traders who earn huge salaries and become large-scale capitalists in the financial sector. Story trading is multifaceted and includes an incredible number of stories, most of which is hard to imagine. In this article we will tell you why began trading, and how people have learned to earn.


The emergence of trading


Trading began its emergence in the 19th century, ancient squares. Merchants would exchange their products, creating a special demand from buyers. In those days there was no modern commodity-money relations, so the goods you can buy and exchange. All the action happened in the food markets or fairs, as investors were merchants.


The society has developed and the food safety and products and become more extensive - this led to the fact that the transaction was a volume of product that can demonstrate it was impossible. To sell a product, merchants colorfully described its advantages and if the transaction of purchase/sale took place, the buyer wrote out a bill (in our time - it is an IOU to pay).


The first bill deals began to make in Belgium, in 1406. In the Central square of the city, close to Villa Van der Burse. After these meetings began to call these meetings “Borsa”, which translated from French means “purse”.


Start of trading of modernity


Already in 1792 was the basis of the new York stock exchange, which many historians consider the starting point. Initially, the exchange was called “sidewalk”, as traders gathered at the Windows of the building, from which peeped a special person, who recited quotes. Such variant of operation the exchanges did not last long, as speculation took place in cold and heat. It was therefore decided to move into the building. Quotes no one cried, they were recorded on the blackboard.


With technological progress, have developed a special teak apparatus. By telephone, the apparatus deduced the quotes on a special tape. It is worth noting that at this time new York was completely wired.


Personal teak apparatus could have only a man with a large capital, as the cost of telephone calls was not affordable for everyone. Also, the high cost of the device was influenced by the fact that the user first received quotes and faster all could be a big deal.


In parallel with teak apparatus existed teleregistration, which showed quotes for specific securities, you need to enter a registration number using a special scale and all the data displayed on the screen. These devices have been indispensable exchange attribute from 1867 to 1970. In 70-ies, was developed a computerized terminal Quatron and a number of other portable terminals.


22 November, 2019

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