A few interesting facts about trading

Earlier, trading was a bunch of merchants on the square and no one would have thought that later, from this is born a strong financial structure with a daily turnover of several billion dollars. It is worth remembering that you as the trader are an integral part of this mechanism, and in some sense from you will depend on the further development and prosperity of the industry. To dilute your life, we prepared a few interesting facts about trading that you will be able not only to amuse, and surprise.


1. Even in the twentieth century, when technological progress has not yet become an integral part of market life, best broker was the one who shouted the loudest quotes. But despite this, there was another series of advantages of the “cool” of the broker, for example, growth. Now, a few centuries ago, traders wore special shoes with thick soles or low heels, the trend remains topical to the present day. However, traders on the “high heels” often injured, so in 2000, the Chicago stock exchange imposed restrictions, which to this day regulate the height of the trading of the heel.


2. The exchange is not only income but also a loss. Often happened that, due to incorrect analysis of the traders suffered huge financial losses. However, who would have thought that in 1987 the cause of the loss of billions of dollars will be protein. The situation is amazing, because when an animal bite cable connection, the failure occurred in the analytical Department of the NASDAQ stock market, which led to the loss of large amounts.


3. Interesting case happened in our time, the Chicago stock exchange in 2013. Nimble traders always know how to hit the jackpot, even if I have to sit down. Thus, the number of persons wishing to earn on trading changed the terms of trade futures only 2 milliseconds after the data release, the fed, and then the impossible became possible. The time of receipt of data from Washington to Chicago at the speed of light is 7 milliseconds, during this time, trading conditions have changed, and traders could earn a large capital.


4. In the early 2000s, Russian journalists of the edition “the Financier” conducted an interesting study with primates. The essence of the research was the fact that before the monkey put 30 cubes, which were the logos of those companies that are listed on the stock exchange. The primacy of the need to collect so-called “investment portfolio” from 8 companies. Summing up, the reporters found that those companies that have chosen the primacy brought high annual yield, which was higher than 94% of traders.

28 November, 2019

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