The relationship between the blockchain and the dispute

In this article, we decided to pay special attention to the sports industry, in which absolutely everyone shows interest in the relatively new blockchain financial system: popular athletes, sports startups, famous clubs and fans. We want to show you how radically the blockchain is changing the financing model, dictating new rules for interacting with fans, investors and advertisers.


The society made a huge effort to develop technologies such as: virtual reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data analysis, 3D printing, robotics, and much more, which had a significant impact on our lives. Technological progress has significantly changed the life of each of us, after which this phenomenon was called the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” which opened new horizons for both entrepreneurs and ordinary people.


The blockchain system has already been evaluated in many areas: from finance, logistics, law and medicine, to energy, agriculture and oil production. Users have proven that using a distributed registry is the key to safe and transparent collaboration. We want to draw your attention to the fact that the cash flow in the sports market in 2020 will exceed $ 600 billion, so the introduction of the blockchain is not surprising.


Blockchain for fans


The main assets in the sports industry are fans who invest not only in the club, but also in individual players. That is why, during the development of clubs, experts pay special attention to the marketing strategy, which is aimed at attracting potential fans. The role of The fan is to make important decisions that relate to the professional activities of athletes.


You will be surprised, but European football clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Roma, Atlético Madrid and others have been cooperating with the Socios blockchain project for a long time. Socios gives teams the opportunity to issue their own tokens that fans can purchase and use them to voice during important decisions. In addition, tokens with fans have the opportunity to personally chat with club stars, purchase collectibles, play some matches and attend thematic events.


Alexander Dreyfus, who is the creator of Socios, says that the goal of the platform is to create an international football community and a large-scale marketplace for fans. The ideology of the platform will be aimed at popularizing the blockchain and cryptocurrencies.Marketers believe that the introduction of a blockchain system will only expand the range of fans through the introduction of cryptocurrency payments.


The first to introduce the new system is the professional Portuguese football club Benfica. This season, the club began accepting payments in digital currencies, for which fans can shop at the team's official online store, as well as purchase tickets for football matches. UEFA The Union of European Football Associations decided to prevent counterfeiting and duplication, after which a special mobile application for ticket sales was developed based on the blockchain.


Blockchain for athletes


In the field of sports, a competent analyzed forecast is of great value. After all, the sports industry is associated with the processing of a significant information array, starting with the rules of competitions and predicting matches, ending with health indicators and achievements of players. With information, people gain huge potential for managing human resources, which allows them to influence the effectiveness of teams and individual athletes.


The Blockchain can become a unique system for injury prevention among players. The development of distributed registry technologies, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence has greatly simplified the storage, analysis, data exchange and solving legal problems in case of injury by an athlete.


With Microsoft's Platform Sports Performance, coaches can track, optimize and predict player actions. New technologies are everywhere. After the teams began to use machine learning methods, for a certain period of time, the trainers gained the opportunity to understand the duration of rest for recovery and to predict the likelihood of injury.

26 December, 2019

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