How meditation helps in trading activities

The article is written based on the ideology of woody Johnson, who for ten years has been operating on the Forex market, speculating with options, futures, and other valuable assets. Johnson introduced the concept of “Mindfulness” (literally translated as awareness or mindfulness), which is synonymous with meditation.


Initially it may seem that between the word “trading” and “meditation” shared nothing. A common misunderstanding due to the fact that many people do not understand what is the property of mediation, hence, there are false ideas about religion and spirituality, which have nothing to do with trading.


We have written many times about how much important the psycho-emotional aspect in trading. In his writings, Johnson indicates that meditation is one of the ways of balance, calmness and clear mind while trading. The article describes seven of the positive properties that will help feel comfortable during a strenuous trade.


Positive results you receive by practicing meditation


1. Concentration

Meditation will help the trader to concentrate on markets at the expense of resolution of internal contradictions.


2. A healthy pulse

Tense trade is accompanied by stress and outbursts of aggression, it leads to increased heart rate. Through meditation you can relax your cardiovascular system, which operation will provide the ability to track the incoming data, and keep a clear mind.


3. Stress management

Trading trade is stressful, especially when it comes to speculation not only his and the and trusted financial. Through meditation, the stress level is greatly reduced, after which the trader is getting easier to navigate in a crisis market situation.


4. Struggle with anxiety

Many traders the excitement begins during open trading platform, since the brain is based on a bad experience, when mistakes were made and merged a decent amount of money. Meditation helps the trader to bring the body, mind and emotions into balance, so that they were aimed at the same goals, thus reducing anxiety and eliminating internal discords.


5. Patience

Through meditation you will learn to appreciate the moment and to develop the ability to wait, which is the key to successful trading.


6. Personal control

Meditation helps to feel your body and mind, because when a person sits quietly and focuses on his breathing, the possibilities of the trader, expanding, and then to deal with destructive negative thoughts and emotions becomes much easier.


7. The fight against greed and fear.

Most destructive emotions for traders fear and greed when these emotions are at the forefront, we can expect collapse. It is meditation helps the trader to adhere to a rational point of view, distancing themselves from these emotions.

30 January, 2020

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