Space FX Deposit up to 10% per annum in Euros

Hey, the space trader, want to protect themselves from intergalactic inflation and earn extra income? Take part in the bonus program of the universe Fxspace, and get the amount of the balance of your account monthly charges, the annual percentage. After, to dispose of assets you will be able in its discretion to remove from your trading account and return to the Earth or to continue work in the universe Fxspace.


How to increase your balance and get up to 10% per annum?


  1. Check with the terms of the program
  2. Do Cosmo trading
  3. Conquer a new galaxy, thus increasing their trade turnover.
  4. Get your monthly interest that will be credited automatically.


During a time of intergalactic trade your aim is to increase trading volume and growth per cent annual





1. “Space FX Deposit up to 10% per annum in the Euro” is an intergalactic program that operates on a continuous basis, including regular interest on the account balance of the space trader which is fixed on a trading account with a certain periodicity.


2. In the program can participate in active trading accounts on the platform FXspace TradeX Platform.


3. Please note that the program can attend only those traders whose space trading turnover based on the transactions with metals and currency pairs. Tools from other galaxies, such as crypto-currencies, indices, commodities and CFDs participate in the program do not accept.



4. To a real space trader was able to climb on the Shuttle and participate in the program, you must agree to the terms and conditions in the Personal Cabinet in the universe Fxspace. Interest on the account balance can be obtained by every client Fxspace Worldwide Fin Services LTD.



5. Interest rate is charged on the amount (Base Amount) that is determined as the account balance (Balance) minus the current amount of active bonuses (Bonus), and is calculated according to the formula:


<Base Amount> = <Balance> - <Bonus>




Balance - balance of funds on the account.

Bonus - the total amount of active unprocessed bonuses on the account. These parameters are recorded daily at 23:59:59.


6. The crediting interest rate is definitely the size of the trading turnover on the account at the end of the current month's calendar space. Intergalactic trading turnover is defined as the total volume of trades in standard lots. Counting trade begins with the 1st day of the month, and the rate is fixed daily at 23:59:59. All just like the astronauts!


7. The entire range of plausible values of interest rates shown in the table:


The turnover in lots
1 - 10 10-1 000 Over 1 000
2,5% 5% 10%


8. The exact amount charged to the customer interest (Percents Amount) on the account balance is calculated daily on the basis of all recorded per day options according to the following formula:


<Percents Amount> = <Base Amount> × <(Percents / 100 / 365)>




Base Amount - the balance of funds on client's account by 23:59:59 of the current day.

Percents - the interest rate on this account for the current day, based on all recorded parameters.


We give a simple and very understandable example, imagine that you went on a journey through the universe and there:


Day 1. Account excluding bonuses fixed amount of EUR 50 000, trade amounted to 3 lots. The earned interest rate is 2.5%.


The formula the amount of accrued interest for the day:

50 000 * (2,5 / 100 / 365) = 3,42 EUR


Day 2. Account excluding bonuses fixed amount of 55 000 EUR, therefore the trade turnover amounted to 7 lots (3 yesterday + 4 today). The interest rate amounted to 2.5%.


The formula the amount of accrued interest for the day:

55 000 * (2,5 / 100 / 365) = 3,77 EUR


The amount of accrued interest at the end of two days:

THE 3.42 USD + 3,77 USD = EUR 7,19


Day 3. On Cosmo account excluding bonuses fixed amount of 60 000 EUR, the turnover amounted to 12 lots (for the past 7 days + 5 today). The interest rate is 5%, the recalculation of the accrued interest will be performed for all the past days:


1 day: 50 000 * (5 / 100 / 365) = 6,85 EUR

Day 2: 55 000 * (5 / 100 / 365) = 7,53 EUR

Day 3: 60 000 * (5 / 100 / 365) = 8,22 EUR


The amount of accrued interest for the first three days:

6,85 USD + 7,53 USD + 8,22 USD = OF 22.60 EUR


Day 4. Account without bonuses fixed amount of 60 000 EUR, the turnover amounted to 12 lots (12 in the past few days + 0 today). The interest rate is 5%.

The amount of accrued interest for the day:

60 000 * (5 / 100 / 365) = 8,22 EUR


The amount of accrued interest for the four days:

EUR 6,85 + EUR 7,53 + 8,22 EUR 8,22 EUR = EUR 30,82


Your space journey lasted a month, during which the turnover has not exceeded the value of 1,000 lots. The interest rate was 5%. The account does not have any open positions and account balance has not changed. The last 26 days you received interest from NASA in the amount of 8.22 EUR. The calculation formula of the program:


30,82 EUR (for the first 4 days) + 8,22 EUR * 26 (26 days remaining) = 244,54 EUR


9. Monthly the trader as a real astronaut, the interest credited to the trading account, with the comment “the id of the accrual.”


10. The amount received is not considered a bonus, so the trader can dispose of it at own discretion.


11. Fxspace Worldwide Fin Services LTD reserves the right to suspend or cancel programs, and to refuse to provide this service to customers without explanation.

29 June, 2020

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