Why Central banks do not require the blockchain

Mario Marcel is the head of the Central Bank of Chile, last week was held on the blockchain-forum, a special Organization for economic cooperation and development. This forum discussed the particular situation of the Finance industry crypto. After the forum, Mario Marcel said that the digital currency world of Central banks does not require a blockchain. Marcel argued his statement on the fact that the system CBDC exists from the moment of occurrence of system of gross calculations in real time and is not new on the market.


Mario Marcel began to develop this topic the argument is significant, pointing to the benefits of the blockchain only if there is one source of information requires the connection of multiple parties, or when access to the blockchain have partners or Trustees. We remind you that the register is almost impossible to change, because there is a special algorithm proof operations.


“Trust must be granted,” said Marcel, when the Central Bank prints currency to physical or crypto form, the level of authority should be dominant, to have the confidence of the citizens. You should pay attention to what the cryptocurrency is often used of a criminal gang, therefore, to open access to everyone is absolutely irrational. The Central Bank needs to provide privacy, especially on such transactions as CBDC.


Recently, the Central Bank of Uruguay released its bitcoin without using the blockchain. Cryptocurrency is, and information about it there. Mister Marcel believes that the goal of the advanced countries - is the optimization fast payments without information leakage and unstable technologies.

20 September, 2019

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