Environmental factors anti-business

Ecological situation on the planet Earth each year is becoming more negative, it is not surprising that the society takes a number of actions that stimulate the tightening climate policy. Association for responsible investment PRI the UN made a number of laws regarding climate policies that will lead to the loss of about 2.1 trillion. USD from companies around the world. It should be noted that if the Russian government will not be able to reorient exports, the loss will be larger.


In 2015 at the Paris climate agreement has a number of obligations concerning reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This agreement was signed by about 180 countries. The essence of the agreement was that the participating countries undertook to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the aim to keep average temperature rise to below 2°.


Analyst PRI was conducted in order to understand the magnitude of future losses. Data analysis showed that the greatest losses will tolerate coal company. The largest of them can lose 44% of their net income, at the time, as the oil companies will lose only 31% of the current value of the company. At the moment, the most profitable situation for those companies involved in the electricity sector, the production of biofuels and electric cars.


Based on the forecast it is clear that in 2050 there will be presented cars with low emissions, a feature of which will be hybrids and electric accumulators. Due to the fact that most car manufacturers switched to the production of electric cars, they can increase the value of companies by 108%. And the shares of mining companies will rise to 54%.


That climate changes will reduce the cost of most companies has been discussed earlier. The Bank of England Governor mark Carney a couple of years ago talked about the fact that those producers who ignored the Paris agreement will go bankrupt and incur enemies. As for France, the oldest insurance company from AXA headquarters in Paris spoke about the fact that already by 2030 they will stop insurance of any innovative projects in the coal sector in the European Union, whether it's investments or construction of new mines.


As for Russia, the Ministry of natural resources put it simply and clearly - “the Adoption of the Paris agreement was the agreed decision of the interested Federal bodies of Executive power. The Ministry of natural resources confirms its feasibility. Now it is important to create new mechanisms of regulation that will stimulate emission reduction and increase of absorption of greenhouse gases, and thus will be adequately perceived by the economic community. It deals with the Ministry of economic development.”

10 December, 2019

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