The main thing about the protests in Iran

Ukrainian International airlines flight was shot down by Tehran last week shortly after takeoff. On Board were 176 people and all died. A few days after the disaster, the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps acknowledged that the airliner was shot down by mistake. However, the company took a categorical statement that provoked protests throughout Iran. Today, January 14, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that the event would be thoroughly investigated and those responsible will receive their just deserts.


To examine the full picture of the protests in Iran is almost impossible, since the government restricts any activity of independent media. All sources focus on videos that are freely available on the Internet, one can see that the protesters in the capital and in Esfahan, a large city on the South of the country, Monday was a significant number, perhaps hundreds.


After analyzing some videos it became clear that the close proximity of universities in Isfahan and Tehran, the students recited the slogans. One of the slogans was “the Clergy, get out!”. All the action takes place under the supervision of the police, but no violence against the protesters was not detected. On another video, you hear protesters chanting “Death to dictator.” Such slogans directed against the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who is the Supreme leader of Iran since 1989.


Recently, the network emerged footage from the previous days of protest, on which were puddles of blood on the ground and stretchers with the wounded. One could often hear the sound of gunfire, although the government denies the use of physical force and weapons by the police.


In a statement, the Tehran chief of police Hossein Rahimi, which was published in the Iranian media, the following is stated - “during the protests, the police definitely did not shoot, because the Metropolitan police have been ordered to exercise restraint”.


We remind you that it all started with the fact that 3 of January was killed by an influential Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani, on the orders of the American President Donald trump. After the disaster with the Boeing trump on Twitter wrote a message to the leaders of Iran - “don't kill their protesters”. Then the representative of the government of Iran stated that the Iranians are suffering because of the actions of trump.


António Guterres, who is the representative of the UN Secretary General, on Monday said that allegations of the use of weapons against protesters must be fully investigated.

13 January, 2020

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