Obstruction for Mark Zuckerberg. #FB

This Monday, the Facebook employees working on remote job, have been actively tweeting unflattering charges on his Executive Director of Mark Zuckerberg. The reason for the outrage, which was followed by the suspension of work of employees - excessive loyalty Zuckerberg's message to U.S. President Donald trump.


The so-called “bell” was the position of Donald trump in Facebook and Twitter, published on Friday 29 may, where it was stated that the US government will respond to the protests of the citizens military force. Further, the company Twitter Inc. published a post violates the ban on the glorification of violence and has hidden it from users, but Facebвook did not do, and Zuckerberg himself has tried to distance his company from the struggle between the President and Twitter.


After Zuckerberg published a post in which he stated that the comments of the President of the United States “deeply offensive”, but they do not violate company policy against incitement to violence, as people should know whether the government planned to use force.


Statement by Zuckerberg was a trigger, so then on Twitter there are dozens of posts of employees, including top managers, criticizing Zuckerberg's decision to disregard inciting statements trump. Amazingly, it was just that rare case when employees publicly denounced its General Manager, and among them were all seven of the team's engineers, code libraries React, which supports applications Facebook.


In their Twitter they wrote “the recent decision by Facebook to respond to messages that incite violence, ignores other options for saving our society safe. We ask the Facebook user to take the necessary action”.


Zuckerberg explained the situation to the fact that the company's ideology is to freedom of expression, however, provided that it does not cause immediate threat of harm or danger and announced that Facebook will provide “an additional $10 million to groups working to achieve racial equality”.


Meanwhile, Twitter, which entered into a debate with trump, used on Monday again the same shortcut as for the tweet trump, but this time to celebrate the message of his representative Matt Goetz from Florida, who likened protesters to terrorists and called for their prosecution. In response, Goetz said that the “encounter” with the management of Twitter to the judicial Committee.

02 June, 2020

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