The principle of operation ideas

OTC stocks, IPOs, bonds, crypto-currencies, strategy Type C and more, so your idea for a good investment.

To invest in valuable assets much smarter and more profitable, than to give the money to the Bank to Deposit. Despite the fact that investment is accompanied by high risks, the likelihood to earn big capital is also great. This section presents the types of investments with different risk that will help You to receive passive income.





Varieties of investment ideas

Type of investment
Revenue forecasts
Min. the amount
The level of risk
Fx white space
15 - 30%
5 000$
5 - 25%
25 000$
50 - 100%
5 000$
No. 97.06
Stock OTC
250 - 500%
25 000$
100 - 300%
1 000$
All investment ideas

Pre ICO and ICO

Investing in tokens of a successful project is a chance to earn a large sum, because the more people, the higher the price. The yield potential of the ideas are endless. Also, FXspace provides the possibility of investing in some projects Pre ICO to special conditions, similar to IPO.

Strategy Type C

The idea is perfect for those who want to deal with the cryptocurrency, but has no particular expertise. Thanks to the ICO, you will be able to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, XPR, Tether Litecoin and many others. It is worth considering that the potential profitability of ideas is high, but this type of investment is risky.


When it reaches the set by the trader the price we sell or buy share. The price usually sets a certain background. The idea of this type is the most risky, however each trader has the opportunity to close a long-term investment without waiting for actuation of the target price.

Stock OTC

On the trading platform FXspace you can buy shares of private companies which have high market capitalization and have financial indicators in international financial markets. The idea is profitable, but there is a risk of failing the exit of speculation in the span of several years.


The idea involves the first public sale of shares of joint stock societies. FXspace places better offers, and investors can leave a request for a contribution. After collecting a large orders, we buy shares with the obligation not to sell them within 3 months. The idea is lucrative, also available longer term release with the Commission.


The idea includes the purchase of government bonds, which are the most stable and profitable in the market. This idea is the most reliable guarantee high returns without the risk of bankruptcy. Term of 1 year, the investor has the right to withdraw from the deal at any moment.

FX White Space

Experts FXspace long time to develop algorithmic strategies that for five years manage the company's capital and bring a stable income. The idea has risks and involves making a profit at the end of the calendar month.

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