Technology sector

term investment in shares of group companies Hi-Tech. The portfolio allows you to capitalize on promising high-tech segment of the world economy.

Technology Sector

The best technology companies in the US

Low risk


Revenue forecast:25% per annum

Min. amount4000€

Applications until:1.10.2020

Entrance fees:0.8%


Technology Sector

Profitable companies

The composition of the exchange-traded Fund Technology Select Sector (SPDR) is 65 largest technology companies in America: Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Ebay and others. In addition, the Fund surgerywhat companies with small and mid-cap, the prices of stocks which have high volatility.

Low probability of risk

Investing in an index, which consists of a significant number of large companies, you assemble a diversified portfolio whereby risks are minimized. Indicators of risk-yield SPDR significantly higher than that of Dow Jones & Company.

Progressive area

Exchange traded Fund incorporates the best of the Corporation in such areas as: software development, IT, Telecom, banking services, etc., and it is those industries that are all the time evolyutsioniruet and show significant growth.

The simplicity of investing

Collecting a briefcase, you have the option from one transaction to invest in many companies at the same time.

Report on the yield of

Entrance and exit are also possible once a week, which reduces the likelihood of impulsive decisions. In addition, the investment returns are updated once a week.

The composition of the portfolio

Of 5.80%
Walt Disney

Industry and profitability

Of 45.79% Software & IT Services
1 month 0.96% for the
17,33% Computers, Phones & Household Electronics
1 month — 0,93 %
14,61% Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment
1 month — 0,92 %
13,99% Telecommunications Services
1 month and 0.90 %
Of 8.27% Communications & Networking
1 month to 0.87 %

Investment conditions

The principle of the transaction

Register in the Personal Cabinet and confirm acceptance of the conditions of the offer. In the document provided all legal aspects of the investments.

Closing conditions for the transaction

After the submission of the application for entry or exit during the current week, the issue closes on Tuesday next week.

Other conditions

All calculations are made with accuracy to two decimal places, whereby the amount of the purchase may vary slightly. The remaining funds will be returned to you in a private Office.

Possible risks

The company FXspace is interested in minimization of risks for investors, so it is worth considering that:

  • The markets are volatile, so using the same strategy from year to year does not guarantee identical profitability in the new year.
  • Instrument issued by Barclays Bank PLC, therefore, there is always counterparty risk.

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