Evolution of stock trading

In the twenty-first century, everything is rapidly developing and progressing away from progress, not and Forex trading. Not many remember, but there was a time when stock trading was only for the elect, and transactions are carried out in spacious rooms and on the phone. Now, when almost everyone has access to the Internet, the process of trading became available to everyone, because you need to have a laptop computer, be confident it user and have access to the network.


Technical progress in trading occurred with the invention of online trading platforms that not only make trades and give orders on their closing/opening, and to install an auxiliary stop orders. Experts have long worked on the technical equipment of the platform, due to which she became not just a program for opening trades, and powerful analytical complex with a variety of functions.


This led to the fact that the market began to appear a huge number of brokerage companies, which increased competition and struggle for each individual trader. To simplify the work, dealing centers have significantly reduced the minimum Deposit. For a General understanding, 20 years ago it was hard to find a broker with a Deposit of less than a few thousand dollars, but now the amount will start from ten dollars. Large amounts to enter offered only to those traders who are on the market and want to separate professional or a VIP account.


But some firms have gone further and have begun to offer Nodeposit cooperation that traders tried to bid on the site of the broker, trading on a demo account. In addition, to expand the target audience of potential traders on the metatrader platform has a “social trading”, which allows to copy trades and earn no extra knowledge of technical analysis and Economics.


In addition started to expand the number of trading instruments, if before there were about one hundred, now the bill is in the thousands. To popular currency pairs and metals were added to the indices, various types of futures and even cryptocurrencies. After the introduction of cryptocurrencies temporary border exchanges have increased, allowing to make transactions even on weekends. For example, a couple of years ago trade was conducted 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.


Summing up on the progress of stock trading it is worth noting that in recent years, specialists have done everything that a trader could be anyone. As is well - known, however a choice gives much greater liberty than his absence.

02 July, 2020

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