Cryptocurrencies are a revolution in the financial sector, which is why FXspace keeps up to date and is ready to provide investors with decentralization, anonymity and stable income.

FXspace about cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is one of the forms of digital currency that is based on encryption of the data. A great thing about cryptocurrency is the security. Having Finance in the digital currency you get decentralization and anonymity, which is highly valued in the modern world.


What determines cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is a revolution in the financial sector. Digital currency does not depend on the economy of certain countries and not traced by Central banks.


The advantages of cryptocurrencies


High profit potential. Despite the shaky stability of the exchange rate, you buy a capital that will increase with the rise of the exchange rate. It is important to consider the supply and demand in the market.

Liquidity. Digital mobile currency, the transaction of purchase and sale is done quickly. Markets digital currency working round the clock, this allows you to quickly respond to fluctuations and make profitable deals.

Honesty. Buying cryptocurrency you get all the information on the “white paper”, which describes the technology, software code or other indicators.


Disadvantages of the cryptocurrency


The lack of experienced professionals. Digital currency is a new field, because of this, the market is small and skilled teams of experts with deep knowledge.

Technical difficulties. Due to the fact that the currency is in the digital space, the investor is totally dependent on the work of the exchange. If the exchange is overloaded, have to wait, to invest Deposit or withdraw money.
Risk. There is a possibility of account hacking and loss of money. Investors are not protected by Federal Deposit insurance Corporation.


Protecting your money with FXspace


FXspace has experience in working with cryptocurrencies. We know how to analyze the market and to protect our clients. The digital space is large and promising market, in which you'll be able to log in easily with us.

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