Top unconventional stock exchanges in the world: Wellington, Mongolia, the Pirate stock exchange

We have prepared for you the second selection of custom and stock exchanges of the world, these included: New Zealand Exchange, mongolyn Herrin exchanges and even private exchange Somali Pirates. Some believe that a valuable asset is milk, others speak about the importance of minerals, while others prefer to charge a weapon. Let's start in order.


Wellington stock market


New Zealand Exchange located in Wellington. It should be noted that it is the southern exchange on the planet, as the capital of New Zealand is located just South of Sydney and the South American cities with their exchange. Another interesting feature is that on the stock exchange are traded dairy futures and options, as dairy products is the main export product, which became the national welfare of the country.


New Zealand is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of milk. Fonterra is a new Zealand dairy cooperative bringing together all the farmers of the state, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that in New Zealand organized by specific trade, which includes includes securities on dry whole milk and skim milk, as well as futures contracts for high quality anhydrous milk fat.


So, in New Zealand there is a special local Exchange market where trades are conducted only two securities of one company. As you might guess is a stock dairy cooperative Fonterra, which can only be purchased by farmers cooperative, and the shares of the trust Fund company Fonterra, available to all investors.


The Mongolian stock exchange


About Mongolia say not often, as she does not go to a number of countries popular with tourists. However, for investors, the country is an unhealthy interest due to the large reserves of uranium, copper and coal. Best bonus for Mongolia is its geographical location, as the country has common borders with China and Russia, which potreblyaet minerals in large volumes.


Mongolian stock exchange started trading in 1992, the first speculation was made by shares of state-owned companies, but even now, the liquidity of the exchange to trade small and can only stock a few dozen local companies.


Another interesting fact is that trading on the stock exchange is only an hour, from 11:00 to 12:00 p.m. local time. Despite all the weirdness, there is a small possibility that will soon appear operations of an ETF based on the index of local companies MonBiz, which includes shares of six companies traded on the Mongolian stock exchange. This event should trigger a new demand of investment in local companies, as the country's rapid GDP growth.


Stock exchange of Somali Pirates


Amazingly, even Somali Pirates have their own stock exchange, which began its work in 2009. A feature of the exchange is that it was created in order that participants received the right to part of the production. The main “traders” Pirate stock exchange are the participants of filibuster, they list their securities of the company. Most amazing is that the shares can be purchased by anyone, have to pay not only money but also weapons. In addition, the exchange operates around the clock, and the pirates in turn, mandatory to deduct the interest on the public needs.

07 February, 2020

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